In Memorial

Sadly, some members of the Original Atlantic 252 staff have left us. 

Keith York, Henry Owens, Jeff Graham and Simon Nicks all made a huge contribution to the original Atlantic 252.

Keith York passed away in 2010,  and also worked on the Voice of the Peace, many irish pirates and on air at Atlantic 252 as 'Yorkie'

Henry Owens passed away in September of 2013, aged 52, after a battle with throat cancer. Henrys voice can still be heard on some of the promotions on the tribute stream today. Henry worked his way up from presenter to managing director at Atlantic 252, moving on to Galaxy and Virgin Radio.

Jeff Graham passed away in February 2017. Jeff also worked at the great 208, Radio Luxembourg and Capital. Jeff had been battling with cancer.

Simon Nicks, passed away in May of 2017, aged just 44, and was also fighting cancer. Nicksy also worked on Heart, Beacon, NRJ in Beirut and Galaxy Manchester.

Loss of loved ones is always difficult, and our thoughts are for mostly with all family and friends.

Lets hope we don't have to add anyone to this page for a very very long time.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

Atlantic 252 Tribute Stream.

If you have personal memories you would like to share , please contact us at or on our Facebook page.